Board Care

How to care for your board

1st NEVER put it in a dishwasher, it will destroy the board.

Most of the time, depending on what your cutting, a quick wash and dry is all you will need.  Make sure, if you are letting it drip dry, stand it on edge. But, its best to hand dry.  When needed to rejuvenate or after every use if you want, a quick rub and buff with our board butter will keep your board in tip top condition. (You can never put on too much or too often)  Just wipe it on using any lint-free cloth on both sides, let it sit for 2-5 mins and buff it out.    

For any stubborn stains or smells, sprinkle on some salt and rub with a lemon. Then rinse and apply a generous amount of board butter.  Your board will thank you.  

Theoretically, with the right upkeep, a cutting board could last your entire life. With this cleaning process, the wood should look great for decades.

If you take care of it, it’ll take care of you.  At the end of the day, it’s as much art as it is a tool and its meant to be used.

-Happy Cutting!